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Digigraph Principles and Aurum Verses Side-By-Side: Core 2000
Digigraph Principles and Aurum Verses Side-By-Side

Digigraph Lexicon (80.5 MB)
Download Digigraph Lexicon (80.5 MB)

Digigraph Principles: Exhaustive List
Download Digigraph Principles: Exhaustive List

Digigraph Math: How The Digigraph Principles Are Applied
Digigraph Math: How The Digigraph Principles Are Applied

Digigraphs Explained
Download Digigraphs Explained

Digigraph Principles (Major)
Download Major Digigraph Principles

Digigraph Principles
Download Digigraph Principles: Introduction: One Page

Digigraph Old Testament (Parallel)
Download Parallel Digigraph Old Testament

Digigraphic Bible
Download Digigraphic Bible

Lesson 2: Where Does The Bible Come From?


Of course, the Bible comes from God.  But, we are talking about, the means that God used to get the Bible to us.

In short, the Bible was written in ancient foreign languages then translated into English (and other languages).  But, now, was there a single book that was translated into English?  Yes and no.

The Bible exists in countless ancient manuscripts.  These manuscripts are “combined” (note quotes) into a single book.  Now, this combining is not a simple combining.  This is because a tiny portion of the manuscripts disagree with the majority of manuscripts a tiny percentage of the time.  How does God identify what is the correct text of the Bible in these cases?  To be continued….

Lesson 3: How Do We Get From The Ancient Manuscripts To The English Bible?


In a nutshell, we study the ancient manuscripts then apply God’s rules to determine which manuscripts are the Word of God.  At this point, in the past, a book, called a “compilation,” would be put together.  This compilation would, then, be translated into English (or another language).

Now, however, we have digigraphs to help us between the raw data manuscripts and the compilation.  More later.

Lesson 5: Where Do We Get God’s Rules From?


In the past, people used fact and logic alone to determine God’s rules.  Now, however, we also have special digigraphs to determine God’s rules.  Note that these digigraphs are made up of aurum (golden) verses in God’s Word.  Aurum verses are verses that are identical in all ancient manuscripts.  To be continued….