Month: January 2019

  • Welcome

    Welcome to our website.  We are the final authority on the original languages text of the Bible.  Download the first and our first digigraph Bibles (KJV and IAV) at International Authorized Version. We will be providing instruction in digigraphs, digigraphy, and the digigraph language.  Digigraphy is a facet of Biblical Textual Calculus.

  • Downloads

    Digigraph Downloads(In Order of Complexity [most to least]) Digigraph Principles and Aurum Verses Side-By-Side: Core 2000 Digigraph Principles and Aurum Verses Side-By-Side Digigraph Lexicon (80.5 MB) Download Digigraph Lexicon (80.5 MB) Digigraph Principles: Exhaustive List Download Digigraph Principles: Exhaustive List Digigraph Math: How The Digigraph Principles Are Applied Digigraph Math: How The Digigraph Principles Are […]

  • Lesson 1: What Is A Digigraph?

    A digigraph is a crossword puzzle.  However, instead of words, you use ideas.  And, instead of shared letters, you use shared subjects.  More later.First Digigraph (Core Digigraph) On-line

  • Lesson 2: Where Does The Bible Come From?

    Of course, the Bible comes from God.  But, we are talking about, the means that God used to get the Bible to us. In short, the Bible was written in ancient foreign languages then translated into English (and other languages).  But, now, was there a single book that was translated into English?  Yes and no. […]

  • Lesson 3: How Do We Get From The Ancient Manuscripts To The English Bible?

    In a nutshell, we study the ancient manuscripts then apply God’s rules to determine which manuscripts are the Word of God.  At this point, in the past, a book, called a “compilation,” would be put together.  This compilation would, then, be translated into English (or another language). Now, however, we have digigraphs to help us […]

  • Lesson 4: Why We Need Digigraphs

    For a long time, a very long time, smart people have disagreed about what God’s rules are for determining what is God’s Word and, indeed, that disagreement continues to this day among the uninformed.  More to come.

  • Lesson 5: Where Do We Get God’s Rules From?

    In the past, people used fact and logic alone to determine God’s rules.  Now, however, we also have special digigraphs to determine God’s rules.  Note that these digigraphs are made up of aurum (golden) verses in God’s Word.  Aurum verses are verses that are identical in all ancient manuscripts.  To be continued….

  • Lesson 6: The Aurum (Golden) Verses

    For the first time in history, we will begin posting the aurum (golden) verses.  The aurum verses are verses that are identical in all ancient manuscripts.  We will be posting the aurum verses at Aurum Verses.